Patients in the Leicestershire/ Derbyshire/ Nottinghamshire areas can now benefit from a leading new treatment for long standing and troublesome tendon pain, here at EMPC. This is one of the most exciting new technologies to emerge in recent years that will help patients with chronic long standing painful tendon problems and conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Anyone who has suffered an injury knows that chronic pain can affect your quality of life, performance at work, enjoyment of regular exercise and ability to take part in sports. Clients in and around Loughborough, Leicestershire, can now benefit from this new and effective technology for the treatment of a range of conditions, which until now, has only been available in a small number of Consultant led private hospital clinics, where access has been limited.

Shockwave Therapy can provide relief and advanced recovery in situations where the healing process has stalled or failed to respond to standard therapeutic intervention. The use of Shockwave Therapy has been found to safely and successfully treat a range of longstanding musculoskeletal conditions, supported by a wealth of scientific evidence and is now recommended by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. This is a strong, non surgical treatment for many conditions resistant to other forms of therapy.