Congratulations to EMPC patients, mother and daughter Claire and Jessica Necchi, who recently completed the very challenging London to Paris bike ride after a gruelling few days on the road. Cycling in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind, both Claire and Jessica had to overcome significant difficulties arising from painful conditions for which they had sought help from us here at EMPC. Both had been helped and guided as patients here at various stages along the way, and against what many others may have considered insurmountable difficulties, they both made it, all the way to Paris in the allowed time. And a very proud family moment it was too!

Claire, a keen horsewoman, for over 40 years, had developed severe knee joint problems in one knee, which despite surgery had deteriorated to a point that she had made a difficult decision to end her days as a livery yard owner. But after guidance, help and advice to take up cycling by physiotherapists at EMPC, she has transformed her active life, improved the functioning of her knee and now… has successfully completed a massive personal challenge!

And she was very ably accompanied by her very determined daughter Jessica, who 5 weeks before the race, was knocked off her bicycle in London and broke her collar bone! A year in the planning for the event, distraught, after putting in weeks of training, and being In a sling for 2 weeks in London, very frustrated, she sought the guidance of Nigel Wilman at EMPC who managed to help her accelerate her rehabilitation. Against all the odds and, after a gap in her training of 5 weeks due to her accident, she decided to try to do the first leg of the journey – from London to the south coast, just to support her mother – expecting to have to give up there. But surprising herself and our physiotherapy team, she made it all the way to Paris, supporting ‘Mum’ all the way. Magnificent determination and a great encouragement to others – injured or with age related conditions – the right level of guided activity can get you a very long way!!

Very well done to the Necchis. Enjoy the rest now – but not for too long!!!