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Podiatry can be a valuable part of offering long term solutions to existing injuries or as a way of keeping you in the activities you have a passion for, longer without sustaining further injury

Podiatry is a specialised area that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Bio-mechanical foot and lower limb problems. Orthotics are custom made, fitted and adjusted on site at EMPC when necessary.

Steve Osborne, who assesses the need for and makes custom made orthotics at EMPC, is an Orthotist, registered with the Health Professions Council. Steve specialises in the assessment and design of both foot orthotics and orthoses for other lower limb joints. He works closely with our team of Physiotherapists to ensure that your care with us is seamless. He can help you if you with advice about orthotics, custom made footwear and specialist joint bracing, whether for everyday use or for specific sports and activity use.


Off the shelf orthotics are limited in what they can achieve. Custom made orthotics account for your own individual needs, foot mechanics and foot dynamics. This takes careful assessment. Steve has a wealth of experience with providing custom sports orthotics, through his experience with professional sports men and women as well as helping recreational and active individuals as well as those surmounting the challenges of advancing years.


The range of footwear sizes that can be purchased on the high street has improved considerably in the last few years. However some people still have problems with shoe fit. Steve can provide footwear that is specifically made to accommodate individual complex needs.

Industrial footwear

Many people have to wear Industrial footwear but find it difficult to obtain shoes that are comfortable. Steve can provide advice on finding suitable footwear but if this cannot be achieved I can order made to measure industrial footwear that would be fitted to the individual’s foot shape.

Ankle Foot Orthoses

People who have difficulty controlling their ankle when walking can have problems with catching their toes and instability. These problems can be helped by an ankle foot orthosis. They can be produced from a variety of materials from carbon fibre shown below to silicon that can be made to look similar to skin tone.

Knee Braces

Knee orthoses can be useful to compensate for lack of knee stability. They can also be effective at reducing pain in the knees including those affected by osteoarthritis. They can be produced with specific features to be worn in a variety of conditions eg they can be adapted to go over ski boots.

Knee Ankle Foot Braces

Knee ankle foot orthoses can be used to provide support when people have a complex knee and ankle problem. For example people with post polio limbs or severe osteoarthritis can benefit greatly from this type of device. They have moved on considerably in the last few years e.g. some devices control knee movement electronically or through weight activation.

Pressure Measurement

Plantar pressure measurement can be a useful aid to identify problems occurring when patients walk and run. It doesn’t give as much information as a full gait analysis but has the advantage of being able to collect information about many steps one after the other. This gives more information to improve the clinician’s understanding of the potential causes of the lower limb problem.

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